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[FIC] Genius of Masks, chapter 7: The Altar of Youth

Title: Genius of Masks, chapter 7: The Altar of Youth
Author: oceanica/Picklesticks @ FF.N
Fandom: Naruto
Pairings/Characters: Gai/Lee, Kakashi(+Iruka)
Genre: Angst, Romance
Summary: The years between a taijutsuist's thirtieth and fortieth birthdays are known as the "deadly decade." This is because most of them die in that time period.
Chapter Summary: When Gai's greatest desire is offered up to him freely, he cannot resist. But he is not yet fully at peace with himself or his appetites.
A/N: Gai-muse would NOT cooperate for this chapter, and then all my writing skills went 'adios!' for a while. But it's finally out, and extra-long to boot!

Read the fic from the beginning or read the most recent chapter
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